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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Story from Penthouse Forum

When I was in my late twenties I was the single dad of a four-year-old. An employee of mine had a girlfriend who had a day-care for kids. She watched my son for me. Her name was Ann. She was twenty-four, about five-foot-two, one hundred-five pounds, with long brunette hair. She was very petite and very sexy. She had a small tight ass and small tits with beautiful nipples.

One Friday, her boyfriend was out of town for the weekend. My son had gone away to his mother's house for a few days. I stopped over to give her some groceries I'd picked up since she feeds my son all his meals from her own refrigerator during the week.

I knocked on the door around six o'clock in the evening. She answered wearing a bathrobe with her hair in a towel, obviously fresh from a shower. Her son was at her sister's and she was home alone. After I put the food away, I sat in the living room chair and chatted as she sat on the sofa in her robe.

She told me to get myself a beer, which I did. When I sat down again I noticed her left tit and nipple peeked through when the robe fell open. I was getting hot as I looked at her beautiful body, trying not to be obvious. I figured she didn't know she was flashing me. I didn't know if it was intentional or not, but I sure as hell wasn't going to mention it, especially since I found her to be one of the hottest girls I had ever met and didn't want to put her off.

There was a knock at the door and she got up, pulling her robe together and covering her breasts as she walked over to answer it. It was her girlfriend, whom she told that she'd decided to stay home. She closed the door and sat down again. We smoked a joint and I went into the bathroom.

"I looked at her beautiful jewel of a cunt and parted her lips with my fingers. I bent down and got my first taste of her"
When I returned her breasts were exposed again. I didn't think she was doing anything more than teasing me and I didn't care. My cock was hard and I liked the show. Soon she asked if I had another joint, I told her I had one back at my place. She got up and said she'd dress and then we could go to my place. She put on a sweater and jeans and we left.

We got to my apartment and sat on the floor next to my aquarium, which was the only light we had put on. I opened a beer and rolled a joint as we sat together and talked. After smoking the joint she started telling me how she loved to suck on hard candy until it was gone. It turns out she had one in her hand; she showed it to me and next thing I knew we were in a deep, passionate kiss that told me this would go much further than I thought. We stood up and started to undress. I pulled her sweater over her head to find the see-through teddy she was wearing. Soon we were both tearing our clothes off. The next thing I knew she was on the floor and I was on top of her. I'd never wanted someone so much before.

As I entered her she whispered that I couldn't come inside her. We fucked for about five or ten minutes before I pulled out and shot my come onto her belly.

I can normally do full-marathon fucks, but she had turned me on so much that I shot early. I made it up to her by giving her head. I laid her back down on the floor and wiped her tummy clean with my shirt. Propping a pillow under her head and one under her hips, I spread her legs and licked my way down to her pussy. It was soft and wet and her bush was matted with sweat and sperm. I looked at her beautiful jewel of a cunt and parted her lips with my fingers. Slipping one inside her, I bent down and got my first taste of her. She was delightfully wet down there and became more so between the combination of my spit and her juices. She was also pretty sensitive after we had fucked.

Easing a few more fingers in, I started licking faster and soon was able to bring her to a series of orgasms that got me even more worked up.

My dick had gotten stiff again and I slipped it back in. She was happy to have me fuck her one more time and once the initial lust we felt had subsided and we were more used to each other's body, we were able to get a little more inventive. I showed her my favorite sex position--her on her stomach, me entering from behind so I can penetrate deep--and she showed me hers, which was doggie-style. Since I couldn't come inside her, I grabbed her hips and banged away fast, then pulled out and glazed her back with a small drizzle of scum, feeling totally spent and fulfilled. She smiled back and me and we drifted off to sleep.

I often think back on that time and masturbate. That�s one memory that never fails to get me off!--B.P., Oakland, California

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