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Friday, September 23, 2011

Story from Penthouse Forum

Suzanne and I had a day off, so I suggested a drive in the country. We had a nice lunch in a tiny town, followed by a few beers, and were back on the road by mid-afternoon when we decided to stop by a river and soak in the cool water. Suzanne, of course, stripped down to her bra, and the water had the expected results, puckering her nipples into hard peaks. We frolicked like children, but the kisses that followed were definitely not childlike.

Horny as we were, we knew we had to head home. About halfway up a winding mountain pass, I glanced over at Suzanne, and the look on her face was unmistakable. Her shirt was undone, her bra protruding, and her hand was lazily brushing her crotch. Her eyes were mischievous, sparkling with naughtiness. I grinned and kept watching her as I drove. She slipped a finger inside her panties and said, "You'd better find a place to pull over--now!"

About a mile farther I came to a turn-out. We both ran from the Jeep. Not 50 yards away, we came across an old gray deadfall lying in the grass. Suzanne was hot, and in a hurry. I had to laugh. She got naked in record time, dropped to her knees, and braced her elbows against the log. She tossed her blonde mane seductively, looked over her shoulder, and said, "Fuck me, Kyle!"

I knew she was ready, but I just had to kneel behind her and run my tongue up and down her wet slit. Her pussy was already sopping. She cried, "Lick it.... Then fuck it, please!" I ate her cunt wildly. Her juices were smeared all over my face. She has the best-tasting pussy I've ever eaten, and it gets wet in a heartbeat. To say she was horny would be an understatement. She bucked her hips against my face so forcefully, I was having a hard time licking her sweet snatch. I pulled her hips to my face and held her tightly. My tongue grazed her swollen clit. She screamed out, "Yesss, I'm coming!" and flooded my mouth.

I didn't give her a chance to recover, not that she wanted one. I got up behind her and shoved my thick eight-incher into her. She shrieked as I rammed it home--hard! She turned to look at me, her eyes blazing, and hissed, "You were made to shove that big cock in my cunt, so fuck me!"
I pumped her relentlessly, my hands reaching for her bouncing tits. I worked her nipples and then felt her hand join one of mine. God! This woman can fuck! I felt that I could pop at any time. Suzanne sensed it too, and said, "Tell me when you're gonna blow, baby. I want your fucking load in my mouth."

That did it. "Now!" I yelled. She pulled away and spun around with her mouth open. I grabbed my dick, aimed it at her mouth, and erupted. She caught most of it on her tongue and squealed, "Yeah, baby! I love the taste of your come."

She gobbled me back into her mouth and licked the last of the come off my cock. When she licked her lips and smiled, I knew she wasn't done. She hadn't come on my dick yet, and if there's one thing about my Suzanne, she's very thorough. She gave me a few minutes to recover, keeping herself busy by playing with her pussy, which was still dripping wet. I loved seeing her slide her fingers into her cunt. It took only a few minutes before I was hard again. She eyed my cock with a grin.

"That's what I like to see!" she said.

"Honey, you could give a dead man a hard-on," I muttered. She stood up and braced herself against a pine tree.

Do me, baby. And do me good!"

As I grabbed her hips, she giggled and added, "If you're a good boy, I might even let you come on my tits!"

With that vision in mind, I drove my entire length into her eager twat. She moaned, "Yeaahhhhh ... that's it, Kyle, right there. Fuck your slut!"

She knew how her potty mouth turned me on. I pounded her tight cunt. I could feel her pussy suck at me, almost like her mouth. "Harder!" she screamed, and that's exactly what I did. My dick pistoned in and out of her. I reached around, found her clit, and diddled it while I banged her, and she went berserk. "God, I need this!" she yelled.

We fucked like animals. "Make me come, Kyle!" she screamed. "I need to come." Her words spurred me on. My hand left her clit and slid up to her heaving tits. Her pussy quivered, then seized around my cock. Her body shuddered in orgasm. Her come was running down my cock and down her legs. She was weakened, but kept her promise. She lay down on her back in the grass, looking like a goddess, and beckoned me to straddle her. I slid my engorged pole between her gorgeous boobs. She smiled and squeezed them around my cock. I pumped her tits, a little slowly at first, because I love a good tit-fucking and wanted to make this last. "Fuck my tits, lover," she urged, and I pumped away between her full, round breasts. She inclined her head to lick at my cockhead when it plunged near her face. "Mmmmm, nice," she purred.

My hands replaced hers and I squeezed her soft jugs around my cock. "Damn, doll!" I exclaimed. "I'm close." Her tongue kept snaking over the tip. She glanced up, waiting expectantly. Our eyes met and I told her I was going to blow.

"Do it, baby!" she yelled. I pulled back and shot a huge hot load onto her tits, shouting as I watched my jizz splatter on her neck and down onto her heaving breasts. She rubbed it into her nipples, then pushed some up into her mouth.

"God, you are incredible," I said.

Suzanne took my dick back into her mouth and licked me clean, then said, "Now get me home so we can screw all night long."

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